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If you need a motivation, or you struggle boredom or long term commitments - 21 Day Challenge is for you! All workouts are designed with progression that also allows you to push your limits to the fullest.

Workouts can be done at home or at the gym. Don't worry if you are beginner or super advanced athlete, my program shows regression and progression, so you can always adjust it to your physical level.

Workouts are FUN and challenging but doable! I like to create unique workouts, where I implement functionality and conditioning. My focus is to tone up, make muscle look "pretty", lean and the same time I like to work on the heart functions and its health too.

21 Day Challenge comes not only with full workout calendar and videos but also with 21 day meal plan with delicious recipes. 

Challenge is created to working out together to give us extra motivation and determination to be better.

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