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My mission is to make you fall in love with fitness just how I did. To make you feel so comfortable that you're no longer afraid of the physical challenge; to give you the confidence to step into any fitness facility, and most importantly - I would like to help you believe that you can achieve any fitness goal you desire.

As a health coach I offer my help to anyone who would like to take a chance and change his/her life with me. I work as a health coach/personal trainer for a few years now. My experience with bodybuilding and losing fat goes a long way and it is my favorite kind of training. I also like preparing for special events such as the Spartan Race. This type of training requires a lot of functionality and at the same time it is fun and very creative. With the experience that I have, I would love to guide pre and postpartum clients through their journey. It is extremely important that future moms feel safe while exercising and they have somebody in their corner supporting them 100%. Above all of that I taught strength conditioning classes, aqua aerobic classes, or mobility classes.


Uff that was a lot

As you see, there is a lot of variety here. For me it's all about putting heart into everything that I do. Your result is my reward. Simply, I would like you to become the best version of yourself.

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